Airport and carrier scores are indexed to a baseline of 100.
Scores greater than 100 represent above-average performance, while scores less than 100 represent below-average performance.

Overall Score:
For airports, the Overall Score is a composite of Performance, Value, and Facilities scores, as rated by freight forwarders, cargo agents, airline personnel, and third-party logistics providers.
For carriers, the Overall Score is a composite of Service, Performance, and Value scores, as rated by freight forwarders.

Performance Score:
For Airports, the Performance Score combines ratings for quality of customer service and handling of exceptions.
For Carriers, it combines ratings on timeliness of delivery, space availability, and main-deck capacity.

Value Score:
For Airports, the Value Score tallies rate competitiveness and customs clearance efficiency.
For Carriers, it includes rate competitiveness, availability and quality of special services, and route network.

Facilities Score:
An airport-only measure that incorporates scores for airside capacity; apron capacity and aircraft parking; warehousing; operational restrictions; and ground connectivity.

Service Score:
A carrier-only measure of quality of customer service, tracking and tracing of shipments, and electronic air waybill (e-AWB) capabilities.

Specialty Cargo Score:
A measure of the Airport or Carrier’s ability to ship perishables, dangerous goods, pharma, animals, and oddly shaped cargo.

The Details function provides all scores for the selected airport/carrier, as well as tonnage handled.
For airports, the Details link also indicates region.

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